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At AbstoneLalley, we believe that ‘diversity’ as a business imperative is incontrovertible, and that in order to grow, compete, and succeed in the 21st century, every workforce must reflect the diversity of their clients, consumers, or customers. There are really no other options for long-term success.

Having maintained a strong focus on diversity recruiting and retention since our founding, AbstoneLalley has both the responsibility and opportunity to galvanize and drive those changes critical to improving diversity within the legal profession, particularly at law firms and within corporate legal departments.

As stated in the American Bar Association’s Resolution 113, law firms must deploy initiatives that assure the employment of highly intelligent, ethical, experienced legal professionals from a diversity of lifestyles, cultures, genders, orientations, backgrounds, and interests. Consistent with that aim, General Counsels also must utilize a diversity metric that evidences proposed law firms are staffed with the highest quality legal professionals with an authentic demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion.

At AbstoneLalley, we fully support the implementation of ABA Resolution 113 to expand and create opportunities for diverse attorneys through a variety of initiatives and actions that include referencing the ABA’s Model Diversity Survey to collect information about the lawyers and firms that we choose to represent.

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