Diversity Toolbox

New York City

“Our pledge is to provide novel, industry leading approaches, advisement, and tools that are law firm or corporation specific; and to deploy those strategies that will galvanize teams, create cultural change without chaos, and ensure the implementation of measurable goals that will transform your workplace.”
- Dr. Dianne Piper, Esq., Chief Diversity & Inclusion Strategist

When you engage AbstoneLalley, our team will conduct a deep dive to identify those pretensive, long standing, toxic practices that are hidden under the guise of “diversity and inclusion initiatives.” As part of our process, we will unpack profoundly embedded biases, drive new approaches, deprogram fallacious practices, and inform and embed authentic responses that will optimize firm resources, enhance retention, and create lasting change.

Our toolbox includes:

 Bias Interrupters|Policy Formation|Talent Development Plans|Diversity Aligned Recruiting|
Culture Assessments|Diversity Dashboards|Supplier Diversity Outreach|Sustainable Succession Plans




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