Diversity & Inclusion

New York City

Law firms and corporations operate in a community of diversity that encompass a wide array of genders, races, ethnicities, disabilities, and other identities. We believe that organizations that mirror their clients are better able to provide a culture of openness and inclusion that will assure employee and client satisfaction, increase productivity, and enhance overall retention.

Consistent with AbstoneLalley’s mission to provide excellence in diversity recruitment, we have broadened our portfolio to provide specifically-designed diversity leadership and advisement to our elite law firms and corporate clientele focused on sustained cultural change and the elimination of systemic bias.

Led by Dr. Dianne Piper, Esq., our team boasts more than 30 years of combined experience focused on practical and actionable plans to attract and retain diverse talent. Throughout our engagement - if you are open to listening, anticipating, and implementing transformational, authentic change - we commit to provide enhanced future skills, a clearer outlook on inclusive practices in the diversity space, global perspectives, and novel sustainable approaches to new ideals.

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